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We provide licensed music videos playout systems for bars, we provide legal and authorised solutions.

It’s a personalised music TV station where your brand name remains consistently visible.

BORING BORING for staff and customers

Employing cutting-edge AWS cloud technology, we swiftly curate music video playlists and directly deliver them to your bars and restaurants. 

Each video for a bar undergoes meticulous screening.

We have extensive music knowledge and excel at crafting exceptional playlists that will build your business. 

Extend the excitement, thanks to an uninterrupted screen experience and an electric atmosphere even after the big game concludes. Our curated big game playlists ensure unforgettable nights.

BORING BORING for staff and customers

Elevate your bar’s atmosphere and attract more customers with captivating music videos.

Easy integration with existing audiovisual systems, ensuring seamless playback.

Request a demo today. 

While the bar fills up, we give your clients the entertainment they need to stay longer.

Experience greater loyalty, increased engagement and more recurring revenue.

This Months’s Feature bar:  Van Diemens Nice, France 7pm on a Sunday evening last March

(note the branded screens behind the bar).

Welcome to Van Diemens, an incredibly popular venue in Nice, France, accommodating up to 400 people. With its two floors and 20 large screens, along with a state-of-the-art Bose sound system throughout, Van Diemens offers an unparalleled entertainment experience.

Experience the power of videoforbars.com at Van Diemens, where we provide up to 100 hours per week of captivating content. Our videos have garnered a significant viewership among customers, enhancing the atmosphere and prolonging their stay.

The Van Diemens owners have invested in an exclusive license from videoforbars.com, covering not only this iconic venue but also their other renowned brands, Ma Nolans and Le Bateleur, throughout the French Riviera.

At Van Diemens, you can enjoy live sports, live bands, and talented DJs, creating an electrifying ambiance that keeps the energy alive.

With our music videos, we help Van Diemens build the perfect buzz, ensuring an engaging experience for patrons and maintaining an exciting atmosphere.

How do I get started?

To begin, contact the number provided and discuss your requirements with us.

We collaborate to construct your customised program. Once ready, we dispatch the equipment, and our engineer completes the installation.

What tech do I need?

Do you already have an existing audio-visual setup with a TV matrix in place? We require a power source and an HDMI input to connect to your video multiplexer. 

We offer comprehensive installation solutions for entire TV, audio, and visual systems, including the setup of videowalls.


Do I need a licence?

If you already utilise music and TV in your venue, it is highly likely that you already have the Public Performance license as per the laws in your jurisdiction.

Rest assured, all the videos we provide are licensed by record companies for commercial use.




How I change playlists?

Some venues prefer us to handle the selection of playlists, and we gladly take care of it. This option, known as our ‘Remote DJ,’ allows them to entrust us with the task.

Other venues can control the master outputs of their installation using a laptop.


Integrate captivating and effective promotional messages seamlessly into the video channel.

Embedded Video

Let us integrate dynamic video advertisements tailored to your venue.  Unlike actual TV you have all the time in the world to display long, interesting advertising, about the products you sell, not just 30 seconds.

As you will see in this video, alcohol adverts are now being created to adhere to strict EU laws on alcohol advertising, showing information about the drink rather than people drinking it. These adverts are also themed keep the mood intact. 

We will add the necessary legal text depending on the country of display. 

Ask your suppliers to contribute to the cost of the advertising and offset your outlay on the entire product. 

Even promote your events, menus, cocktails, and specials effectively, short adverts are simple to make.

Drive your customer engagement today! 

Align your advertising seamlessly with captivating music videos for an immersive experience.

Explore the captivating video advertising example below and envision the possibilities for your venue.

Pricing - what's included

Your bar logo is always on screen.

Our all-inclusive subscription package is begins at €250 per month. This package covers everything you need, including a server, Full HD video playback equipment, and access to a wide-ranging video catalogue with expertly curated playlists.

Additionally, you’ll receive full support during EU working hours, including weekends and emergencies. We also provide comprehensive staff training to ensure smooth operations.

To add a personal touch, your logo or brand will be prominently displayed on screen throughout the entire broadcast. Choose from the top left, top right, bottom left, or bottom right.

It’s like having your very own TV station!

BORING BORING for staff and customers

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6 reasons why streaming Spotify in your business is a very bad idea



Streaming Spotify in a business setting despite its terms and conditions expressly forbidding such use can lead to several potential ramifications:

Legal Consequences: Violating Spotify’s terms and conditions could result in legal action against the business. Spotify may pursue legal remedies for copyright infringement or breach of contract. This could involve fines, penalties, or even lawsuits.

Financial Penalties: Spotify might impose financial penalties on the business for unauthorized use of their service. These penalties could include fines or increased subscription fees if the business wants to continue using Spotify legally in the future.

Termination of Service: Spotify may choose to terminate the business’s account or access to the service altogether. This would mean the business loses access to the music streaming platform, which could inconvenience employees and customers who rely on it.

Loss of Business Opportunities: If Spotify takes legal action or terminates the service, it could distract the business from its core operations and lead to missed opportunities. Additionally, other businesses may be reluctant to engage in partnerships or collaborations with a company known for disregarding contractual agreements.

It lacks the impact of video.

Impact on Employees: Employees may be affected if Spotify access is suddenly revoked or if the business faces legal consequences. This could disrupt workflows and morale within the organization.

Precedent for Other Services: Ignoring terms and conditions for one service sets a precedent that could encourage similar behavior with other service providers. This could create a pattern of non-compliance that ultimately harms the business’s relationships with various vendors and partners.

Potential Data Privacy Issues: Using Spotify in a business context might raise data privacy concerns if employee or customer data is linked to the streaming activity. This could result in regulatory penalties or reputational damage if data privacy laws are violated.

Overall, streaming Spotify in a business despite clear prohibitions in the terms and conditions is not advisable. The potential consequences could have significant negative impacts on the business’s finances, reputation, and relationships.

It’s essential for businesses to respect and abide by the terms of service of the platforms they use to avoid legal and reputational risks. If music streaming is needed for business purposes, exploring legal and licensed alternatives like our services would be the appropriate course of action.

Legal Opinion: